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Credit Counselor

The credit counselors provided by our company don’t work for profit and they offer services at local offices. You can contact them online or by phone also. It is better to choose an organization that offers in person counseling. Be aware that nonprofit status doesn’t guarantee that services are free, it is affordable or even legitimate. Some credit counseling organizations charge high fees, which they may hide and others might urge their clients to make voluntary contributions that can cause more debt.


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Our agency sends you free information about the services we provide without requiring you to give details about your situation. We advise you about managing your money and debts, it helps you to develop a budget. We offer free education materials and workshops. The counselors are trained and certified in consumer credit, money, and budgeting debt management. They discuss your financial situation with you and help you in developing a personalized plan to deal your money problems easily. We offer a wide range of services including budget counseling, debt management classes and savings. Debt management plan is provided by our professionals for your financial situation.

Bankruptcy credit counseling

You can find a state-by-state list of government approved organizations at the U.S. Trustee Program, the organization within the U.S. Department of Justice that supervises bankruptcy cases and trustees. Also, before you file a bankruptcy case, you must satisfy a means test. This test requires you to confirm that your income does not exceed a certain amount. The amount varies by state. Filing fees are several hundred dollars. Attorney fees are extra and it vary according to the case.

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Debt management plan

A credit counseling agency may recommend that you enroll a debt management plan (DMP) if your financial situation is so critical or if we find if there is any inability to repay your debts. A debt management plan is not a crediting counseling and it is not for everyone. We advise you not to sign up for any of the plans till a certified credit counselor has spent time and thoroughly reviewed your financial situation. We also offer you a customized advice on managing your money. If debt management planning is appropriate for you, our credit counselors can create a budget and teach you the money management skills too.

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Debt settlement programs are offered by profiting companies typically, and involve them in negotiating with your creditors to allow you to pay a settlement to resolve your debt a lump sum that is less than the full amount that you owe. To make that lump sum payment, the program asks that you set aside a specific amount of money every month in savings. Debt settlement usually asks that you transfer this amount every month like account to accumulate enough savings to pay off any settlement that is eventually reached.

These programs often instruct or encourage their clients to stop making any monthly payments to their creditors. Although a debt settlement may be able to settle one or more of your debts, these programs can be very risky and have serious negative financial consequences for consumers. In addition to that, some debt settlement team deceives consumers by making promises which they do not keep and engaging in other illegal conduct.